Tourism - Tinkap
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The tourism, hotel or apartment business requires extensive knowledge of the sector, in which the real estate area must be involved. At Tinkap we combine the experience acquired in the sector through our ongoing relationship with operators with our extensive and specialist knowledge of tourism assets.


We advise owners of hotel sites, operators, private investors or investment funds, starting or redirecting any tourism project, developing assets or acting on existing assets.


We prepare a business plan in which the future feasibility combines real estate, hotel – brand – operator, technical and financial know-how and the market trends themselves. We accompany the client throughout the project or during any stage thereof.



  • Market consultancy.
  • Strategic consultancy. Investment and Divestiture. Revaluation.
  • Acquisitions
  • Valuation of operating assets and businesses.
  • Business plan.
  • Search for an operator.
  • Search for land – projects.
  • Negotiating of contracts.
  • Investment funds specialising in the sector.