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The main challenge of investing in the property sector involves not only identifying the assets with greatest growth potential over time but ensuring their value is maximised over the lifecycle of the investment.


We advise clients/investors regardless of their characteristics or strategies for one sole purpose: to ensure the profitability of their investments with an approach that includes both present and future, providing certainty and trust.


Our investment team has an excellent background, and the flexibility and capacity to adapt to the client’s goals, expanding the process to provide a continuing service in the leasing and management of purchases.



  • Residential
  • Industrial – Logistics Units
  • Retail units
  • Hotel projects
  • Offices
  • Land – Development


How we help you

We accompany you and provide advice throughout the strategic process, including previous market analysis, asset acquisition, the drafting of different reports (technical and urban, market, economic – financial and legal) and ultimate negotiating of the process, providing the utmost transparency throughout it.


  • Determining of the purpose and needs.
  • Evaluation of your current portfolio, where applicable.
  • Development of the right strategic plan for your short, medium and long-term goals, regardless of the sector/ market.
  • Analysis of the specific market trends.
  • Locating of opportunities in line with what is planned.
  • Diversified proposal for the portfolio, decentralising the risk.
  • Technical – urban, market, economic – financial, legal Due Diligence.
  • Property business plan.
  • Where necessary, preparing a legal and financial structure according to your overall strategy.
  • Completion of the negotiating process and implementation of the investment.


Our target audience

Property companies, private investors, companies, property management companies, investment funds, collective investment societies or entities, hotel chains or new players in the sector, both national and international.


Investors specialising in bank debt. Our close relationship with banks provides us with a range of opportunities nationwide.



  • Acquisitions
  • Divestiture
  • Sale & leaseback operations
  • Comprehensive fund management
  • Management of the investment vehicle structuring process