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Sale of assets


We study the value of your asset, thoroughly examining its characteristics and qualities. Should the asset require as such, a technical team will assess any action that could increase its value, supported by our market research team to obtain precise, comparable and recent transactions and relevant information on the environment in order to maximise its profitability and minimise its risk. We will also perform an overall analysis of each of these areas in order to be able to personalise the sale of your assets.


How we do it

  • We prepare a commercial strategy that optimises the result of the transaction.
  • We identify the right demand.
  • We implement a fully personalised marketing plan.
  • We inform you of the progress made in the sales process in line with your requirements.
  • We prepare the Due Diligence prior to the sale.
  • We negotiate on your behalf based on parameters set together with you.
  • We appoint and provide you with a dedicated representative with experience and expertise in all aspects of the transaction.

The property business conveyed by the investment sometimes coexists with the tourism sector. The sale of an asset in which a tourist activity is undertaken is an extremely complex process because it is not limited to the sale of an asset but involves negotiating a decisive factor of a business.


From experience in this type of transaction, our team combines the property value of the asset with analysis of the hotel business. Our job involves quantifying the actual value through a process of Due Diligence, based on which the necessary steps will be taken for its sale.


The direct sale of a hotel asset is not always one of our clients’ requirements. The recovery of the hotel sector following the financial crisis is booming and, as a result, large properties are on the move in search for operators.


After having successfully completed several operations in the hotel sector before, during and after the recovery of the sector, Tinkap has extensive knowledge of this area and of the expansion of operators, enabling it to distinguish those that most suit your needs and seeking the best possible profitability in line with the value of your asset.


The sale of building sites and their value depend initially on different urban factors. Our extensive experience enables us to become involved in the sale of land for development and land ready for building.


Our consultancy department, which initially deals in urban planning, will collect all the information and audit the current situation of the site. The market analysis team will provide a view of the trends that, together with an analysis of the economic indicators, will show the potential of the site.


We accompany you throughout the process, developing the urban and technical Due Diligence and the financial feasibility of any project to be implemented on the site, including any legal advice for the operation. We will advise and represent you in negotiating and completing the operation.