Project Management - Tinkap
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Project management

The possibilities of property development on a site involves various scenarios with different plans, renewals and financial feasibilities that are not always of equal interest. Tinkap analyses the possibilities and finds the best balance between the strategic goals of our clients and the feasible scenarios.


Our extensive experience in property development enables us to create quality, sustainable and feasible sites, regardless of the purpose, whether it be for subsequent sale or lease for commercial, office, hotel, industrial or residential use.


The diversity of services and specialisations forming Comprehensive Project Management covers and links major areas such as urban planning, administrative management with the public authorities, architecture and engineering, construction and refurbishment, marketing, and the legal and financial areas.


Tinkap has the right teams in each area that work together throughout project implementation, completing and supervising each and every one of its phases either in a new construction project or in projects involving existing buildings.


We work with owners, investors and users of any sector of activity, working towards one goal: to ensure their investments to the full.


Each project is headed by a Project Manager, who coordinates interactions with the client and the teams involved, and is responsible for the correct and full implementation of the project.


What we develop and manage

  • Analysis of all possible scenarios.
  • Determining of the end product to be developed.
  • Urban development.
  • Drafting of the architecture project.
  • Drafting of the engineering project.
  • Licence management.
  • Regular updating of Due Diligence.
  • Comprehensive project management.
  • “Turnkey” construction projects.
  • Marketing of the end product.


The benefits we provide

  • Comprehensive, professional management of your project.
  • Meeting of strategic goals.
  • Value creation.
  • Avoiding risks and budget deviations.
  • On-time completion of the work.
  • Completion of the work under the agreed quality parameters.
  • Return on your investment.