CLIENTS - Tinkap
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Our clients


We work with owners, investors, users and banks. We provide them with advice and help them meet their property requirements on a corporate, strategic and operational level.


We support and lead each project or transaction during its lifecycle, providing the client with a comprehensive, personalised service and implementation based on our multi-market experience, resulting in the creation of opportunities and, therefore, competitive advantages.


We work with banks and financial institutions, dealing with their requirements to sell real estate products in line with the different situations of the real estate assets or credit.


  • Own assets, divestiture.
  • Awarded assets (land, buildings, hotels, shopping centres).
  • Awarded product under construction.
  • Purchase of debt from processes being enforced.
  • Sale of stock in blocks.

We plan and implement the right commercial activity according to the singularities of the asset for the sole purposes of streamlining the meeting of the owner’s sales or rental goals.



  • Analysis of the market in which the asset operates.
  • Current valuation of the asset.
  • Valuation of future scenarios.
  • Urban planning and technical consulting.
  • Strategic consultancy.
  • Building of new “turnkey” constructions.
  • Implementation of “turnkey” enhancement.
  • Search for the right partner.
  • Corporate advice.
  • Legal advice.
  • Marketing: Sale – Search for tenants.
  • Project Management.

The physical implementation of a business weighs up variables that have a direct impact on the performing of its activity, thus becoming strategic mainstays of the business itself.


We develop property strategies for the implementation of businesses, considering their operational and financial needs and identifying the option in line with their goals.



  • Market consultancy. Detecting of opportunities.
  • Defining of the right strategy.
  • Drafting of the implementation or expansion plan for your business.
  • Urban planning and technical consulting.
  • Legal advice.
  • Negotiating of contracts.
  • “Turnkey” construction or refurbishment of offices and industrial units.
  • Project management.

Tinkap works with investors whose portfolios include a significant specific area devoted to the real estate sector, with investors looking to divert their investments towards the real estate sector, or with those seeking to divest their assets.


Focusing on the needs of the investor and offering the right services are the ways in which short, medium and long-term profitability goals are reached.


We provide advice on investments in office, commercial, tourism, industrial and logistics, residential assets and in the urban development of residential, industrial or tertiary land. We prepare the right information so that the investor can make a decision, with interaction between our strategic consultancy, market, urban planning, technical and commercial departments.



  • Market analysis.
  • Identification and selection of assets and sites.
  • Determining of investment opportunities.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Drafting of the business plan.
  • Acquisitions / Divestiture.
  • Sale & leaseback operations.
  • Urban development and management.
  • Architecture and engineering project.
  • Search for an investment partner.
  • Project Management.

We identify the land that best suits the needs of our clients, forecasting the different possibilities of action from an overall viewpoint.


Urban planning, architectural design, construction and the obtaining of the expected profitability on residential, industrial or tertiary land are based on an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the real estate market.


Seeking the utmost flexibility and productivity, our project management team presents different proposals, covering all phases from the purchase of the land to completion of the turnkey construction.


Tinkap develops the entire project or joins it at the precise point required by the client, with the ongoing goal of increasing the productivity/profitability of the project, streamlining times and reducing costs.



  • Market Studies.
  • Search for land.
  • Business strategy and determining of the end product to be developed.
  • Urban management.
  • Architecture and engineering projects.
  • New build and refurbishment projects.
  • Search for funding.
  • Search for an investment partner.
  • “Turnkey” construction.
  • Project Management.